People are full of opinions and are convinced that what works for them can be plugged into everyone else’s life and work for them as well.

Me? I recognize that it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round, and the Kryuss Trilogy is designed to resonate with all of them. Every allegory has a double or even triple meaning, but I’ll divulge none of them. That’s for you to figure out.

If you fall on the conservative end of the spectrum, you might read one of these books and go “Yes! This guy’s speaking the truth!” If you’re a left-leaning reader, you might also be under the impression that it stands in solidarity with your particular set of beliefs and values.

You’re both incorrect. The true “villains” in all three books are unmistakably and irredeemably mustache-twirlingly evil, and they are the people in power over all of these bickering factions. Get it? The other characters battle each other for their benefit.

On the flip side, your reaction might be a defensive one. You might lead yourself to believe that I’m pushing some sort of agenda that goes against your best interests. You’ve become so accustomed to expecting entertainment that either validates or attacks your worldview that you’ll read shit into it that isn’t there.

You couldn’t be more wrong. These books are neither liberal nor conservative. In the grand tradition of my favorite classic science fiction books, films and TV shows, they’re mirrors.

The bottom line is this: I’m an observer. I’m a listener. I’m a chronicler. The characters in my books are not avatars to be used for the furtherance any sort of social or political agenda on my part. They simply do what they do, just like people in real life. It’s all open to interpretation. It’s for everyone. Make it your own.

Oh, yes, there is a message behind Effugium, and that message is as follows: Try harder to understand those who are different than you.

“If you’re not just like me, you’re attacking me.” That’s the predominant message being pushed by… everyone. Effugium finds this sort of absolutist approach to life tragically humorous and lampoons it at every opportunity. It seeks answers rather than offering them. Humans are wishy-washy, emotionally-driven creatures with an overinflated sense of self-importance. We construct narratives around ourselves in an attempt to understand our existence, or to “Know,” but all we Know is that which we have created in our own minds. We create religions out of thin air and place them in control of our lives. We hate those who we don’t understand and dehumanize them so that we can feel justified in doing so. We’re not hating a person, then. We’re hating a caricature. And that’s “okay,” we tell ourselves. Rather than look at the big picture, we focus on one piece of the puzzle.

Still, despite this, or perhaps because of it, we do great things. We keep striving and achieving. We also kill each other. Is there anything more absurd than war? It’s all very complex, yet predictable.

Kryuss, Caldo, Bingwen and the rest of the arties have been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years, and yet they’re still themselves. The human beings they interact with are just like humans now, and just like humans have always been.

The world keeps turning.


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