This is a work in progress. It’s as much for my use as that of potential readers. As the Effugium universe becomes more expansive and complex, it’s becoming more and more of a nuisance to scroll back through previous books looking for the names of vegetables or brief mentions of historical events and characters.

I thought it would be fun to add illustrations to some entries, and I’ll possibly doodle one for each one, but for the time being, as of this writing, It’s very sparse. The blank entries are there because I haven’t filled them out yet, and there are tons more to be added. Keep checking back.

Anshar the ninth and outermost of the original Galenian colony worlds.

Artie slang for “artificial lifeform,” often used as a term of derision.

Asher a first-year Galenian Defense Force cadet and one of the only survivors of TREE’s Galenian holocaust.

Black Fortress– A heavily fortified castle constructed atop Bellum’s highest mountain during the reign of the third Proeliator.

The Black Fortress

Bolligo– A predatory fungal organism thatsaps moisture from its prey. It possesses the ability to revert to an inert dustlike form and travel through space as a passenger on ship hulls, asteroids, meteors and the like, reconstituting itself upon contact with moisture.

A reconstituted bolligo

Kraybeast– a catlike reptilian predator native to the flowerfog jungles of Galenia. (Appears in Exsilium)

Bellum- A brutal, warmongering Galenian colony world.

Centralis– Earth’s capital City during the reign of The Sovereign. (Appears in Exsilium)

Cronjya– A large, furry, spike-covered slug-like creature which lives beneath the rotting vegetation of Galenian jungle floors. Its spikes enable it to cut through tough jungle vines as well as provide it with protection from predators, who hunt it for its high salt content. Edible, but proceed with caution: the stinger at the end of its tail is packed with paralyzing venom, which it uses to sedate prey. It won’t eat humans, but it will leave them incapacitated long enough for something else to.

A Cronjya

Effugium – Originally designed by Krytech Industries as a space tourism vessel, this ship was hastily refit to accommodate a large number of passengers on a generational voyage to the “Promised Land.”


Federsteed – A beast of burden native to Anshar, and one of the few such creatures able to withstand its arid, hostile climate. The animal most closely resembles Earth’s Ostrich.

Ferrum– A valuable gas mined and refined on Anshar, the only planet on which it can be found. The primary source fuel for space vessels for several hundred years.

Fogwine- A once common beverage made from the fermented mist from Galenian’s flowerfog vines. In its pure form, flowerfog acts as a mild sedative, and most Galenians developed a high tolerance to it. Fogwine amplifies these effects considerably. After Galenia’s destruction, the remaining bottles existing throughout the colony worlds increased in value, bringing great wealth to their owners.

A bottle of Fogwine from Caspian Vinyards

Galenia- The first colony world, named after its Discoverer Galen the Sixth.

Galen the First- Best Friend and personal assistant to Richard Kryuss on ancient Earth.

Galen the sixth- Discoverer of Galenia

Galen the sixteenth

GDC- Galenian Defense Coalition

GDF– Galenian Defense Force

Krytech– A software company founded by Richard Kryuss in 1985

Home page of Krytech’s official website, 1992

Kryuss, Richard

Markus the 8th- An early Galenian composer.


Orthodox Temple of Kryuss– A relatively small but militant fundamentalist sect of Kryuss worshippers who maintain that Galenia was not the Promised Land the Prophet envisioned.

Rockbear – An herbivorous Galenian mountain-dwelling creature that generates an electric shock as a defense against predators. Discovered and named by Adelbern the Fifteenth. Its rocklike shell matches its surroundings and protects its delicate innards from injury.

A rockbear

Sapgnat- a tiny Galenian insect that feeds off the sap of trees.

Sargon- One of the wealthiest and most powerful Bosses on Anshar.

Servers– A bar on Earth which serves arties nanobrews that temporarily affect their central processors, mimicking intoxication.

Skinhead– Skinheads are a nomadic tribe of Ansharan cannibals who clothe themselves in the skins of their victims.

Scofflaw -A much sought-after former cartrunner turned assassin. Only the wealthiest of Vibelords can afford his services, but his reputation for discrete, ruthless efficiency is worth the small fortune it costs to hire him. No one alive knows his real name or planet of origin.


Slednog– A flat, multi-legged herbivorous Galenian creature, easily tamed but not strong or smart enough to be used for any practical purpose. Often kept as pets, often ridden by children.

Spiceroot- A horseradish-like root native to Galenia. A favorite treat of slednogs.

Stripped– slang referring to an artie that chooses to appear in robotic form, minus human-like “flesh.“

T.R.E.E. (Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet) – An self-sustaining, self-propagating organic data network created by Richard Kryuss as a free alternative to the internet.

The The- An omnipresent life form about which very little is known.

Timo 5279– The Galenian Governor who ushered in the second age of Kryuss by extracting his consciousness from TREE and placing it within an artificial body.

Verntas– a sweet, juicy, purple-fleshed fruit native to Galenia.

A ripe verntas

Vindictum– The second Galenian ship to return to Earth. It’s mission: retake the planet from TREE.

WET- an exploitative form of transportation/data transmission. Forcibly discontinued by the second artificial incarnation of Kryuss.

Zenon- Galenian City, pop. 33,000


  1. Glossary is necessary with the building of the fantasy world because any world is always evolving – we have to add more details with each book, plus remember the previous…. aaa aaa! personally, I’m bad with keeping a glossary, but my poor memory is pushing me to reconsider that

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