Who would I cast as Kryuss in an Effugium movie?

Post 2 in my fantasy “Who would I cast?” Series.

I considered Jim Carrey, but even if he tempered his whole wacky Jim Carrey schtick with his “Wow, he’s really good in that” serious Jim Carrey Schtick, I’m not buying him as well-intentioned and charming but ultimately evil.

No, the role would require someone who could commit mass slaughter with twinkle in his eye, and convince you that it was for the best. He’d have to be charming but dangerous, and I think Jeff Bridges would be well/suited to the role.

I could easily see JB in the role of eccentric middle-aged tycoon Richard Kryuss. Grizzled and cool, funny but with a (very) dark side. You’d be forced to like him.


    • Whoever can pull of subtly over-the-top wins. Truthfully, though, if something I’ve written ever got adapted to the screen, all I’d care about is getting paid. They could butcher it into a hit, and I’d just collect my check with a smile on my face and crank out more books. The books would be the real thing to me.

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      • Well, yes. If it were one of my books, I’d probably feel the same way. And there are some movies that deviate from their source material and are better for it. So I’d just want to let the movie people do what they do and hope for the best.

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    • Yeah, it didn’t even occur to me until I came across this pic and totally saw it. The version of him that returns in the sequel is from an older backup he did before he even left Earth, when he was first experimenting with mental transference. So he’s kind of clueless about everything that’s happened since 2015 or so, and he’s going to be really glitchy.

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