Odds and ends

These will obviously not be included in the book proper, but here are all the “illustrations” I photo-edited together to accompany the stories from Effugium that I posted on the blog. I’m in the process of making most of the stories private in preparation for the release of the book, but some of these turned out really cool, so I thought I’d compile them into a single post. Some went unused entirely. Case in point, the original pic I made to accompany “Time Remaining,” featuring Caldo sitting on a rooftop staring at a UFO. Hadn’t made him handicapped yet, so I guess he climbed up there on his own.

Took this one on the highway, added a blurry flying saucer between the clouds.

The one I made for “Hands of the Creators” that I considered using some variation of as the final cover for the book.

Alternate pic for “Hands.”

Richard Kryuss and Galen on the highway in “Good intentions.”

Astronauts from Galenia on a covert mission back to Earth, necessarily traveling nude within The The in “Home.”

The Prophet mother on board the Effugium, with Kryuss’s Gibson to the right.

Terrorist attack on Galenian City in “Trees of knowledge.”

Cole unleashing a surprise from his briefcase in “The Little Guy.”

Clover walking on the ceiling above the clouds in “Meanwhile…” The clouds are from a pic I snapped from an airplane window in 2008.

Flying saucer from Caldo’s grandfather’s UFO crash story.

Kryuss resurrected in “The Sleeping God.”

Kryuss gazing out upon the Galenian Jungle from the balcony of his bedroom in the governor’s mansion in Terrae Novae.

TREE personified

Kryuss screaming in digital.

What’s left of Governor Dante when Kryuss frees The The and escapes from the lab after returning from ten years inside of TREE.

Terrae Novea skyline, with WET tubes. I got the stairs from a pic of the Fort Worth water gardens, which were used as a filming location in “Logan’s Run.” Amazing place to see in person!


Zan escaping the police station after injecting herself with nanocytes to repel The The.

Giant mushroom in Galenian swamp. Intentions were to make something reminiscent of Land of the Lost. All three of the following pics are from “The Tonic of Nature.”

Three pics of “Rock and Roll City” on Earth 200,000 years in the future.

More pics from “Best Life.”


    • Thanks! Born of necessity. I had no clue how to do stuff like that, but I wanted pics to go with my posts and stories on here and elsewhere, and to make covers. I used to draw a lot when I was a kid and I was decent at it but I don’t like doing it and probably can’t anymore. I much more enjoy playing with digital images. It’s a lot like sampling and re-mixing but with images instead of sounds. I like the idea of gathering up a bunch of random little things and making something else out of them.

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