Given the fact that my upcoming anthology is largely inspired by classic science fiction, I thought I’d try my hand at designing an antique-looking alternate cover. Perhaps it’ll be primary cover.



  1. I would pick that book up and buy it without even knowing what it was about. I love the cover and I love the title. I think you nailed it Patrick. Seriously. Damn it. I wish I had a cover that fucking cool for my book(s). ohmygod… now I want you to design my Explorations book cover…

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    • I could give that a shot for sure, but it might have the same background if you’re looking for this kind of style. I’ve tried and failed to make a retro cover for a long time until I stumbled upon this background. Something about the color just works. What kind of imagery do you have in mind for it?

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      • I’m not sure if you’ve read any of my first drafts on my site, but the book Explorations, each chapter is a different planet that an Explorer visits and journals about his experiences. Think Lewis & Clark in space. Old time feel but different planets. What I want to do with it is have the front cover look like an old journal or book but with a planet curving along the bottom…. I think lol. Inside I am *hoping* to have the artist emje (who does old time looking maps) make a map for each chapter. If I can’t afford her I’ll end up doing them myself.

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      • Yeah, think I’ve read what you’re talking about, I know I commented on one but I can’t remember what it was called. Really detailed description of an alien planet. And I haven’t seen her maps but her style would certainly lend itself to drawing old timey maps

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    • Thanks, dumb luck as usual. It’s when I set out to make something cool that I can’t make it work. With this I was just fooling around like, “oh, cool old book cover pic, lemme find an old book cover font… hmmm, looks kinda cool, lemme add some more stuff.” Now, I have tried to do this before and the results were not good. There’s got to be a lesson in that, somewhere. Or at least a blog post.


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